Can Either of the DubLi Auctions Be Considered Gambling Under US Gambling Law

For a transaction between two parties or two entities to be considered gambling, there must be 3 separate and distinct elements present: 1) Chance, 2) Consideration and 3) Prize. I will cover all three elements as the pertain to the Dubli Online Auctions1) – CONSIDERATION:In contract law consideration, when referred to in general terms, may mean anything of value. This could include anything from money to giving up the right to a future obligation or even a future act. However, in American Gambling Law, consideration refers strictly to money. The money must be put at risk in the transaction, and the player gets nothing in return for his or her money, other than, the opportunity to win a prize, determined only by chance. In addition, he or she must also stand to lose the money permanently for no gain, services or goods in return.The Standard Auction Model: In any traditional auction the element of “consideration” does not exist in the gambling sense. At the end of the auction the highest bidder gains the right to purchase the item or items being auctioned. Once the winning bidder pays for the item, the matter is resolved; assuming he or she can actually make the payment. The same is also true an “ordinary” reverse auction. There are numerous examples of Fortune 1000 companies’ utilizing the “ordinary” reverse auction with their vendors. Companies such as IBM, for example, have used reverse auctions in the past.The DubLi Auction Models: DubLi operates two auctions in their North American Market; the Express Auction and the Unique Bid Auction. In the express auction a consumer, in order to see the current price of a item, must expend one dubli credit, or 80. Here the consumer is not actually purchasing a chance to buy; they are merely paying for the right to view the current price of an item. Dubli does however, guarantee the consumer that the initial start price of that particular item is the lowest price they can find anywhere online. In addition, all of the items in the auctions are brand new brand name and fully warranted by the manufacturer.Each time a consumer clicks on the “Show Price” button, the price of the item drops 25. Therefore, the price of the item continues to go down until someone decides they like the price and they click on the “Buy Now” button.
In the Unique Bid Auction, the participant must expend an 80 cent credit in order to place a bid. In both auctions, the participant is spending an 80 cent credit to either check a price or to place a bid, and once that credit has been spent there is no refund possible. So in that sense, the element of consideration is present in the DubLi online auctions, both in the Express and the Unique Bid.2) – CHANCE:In US Gambling Law, the element of chance means that a given event is resolved by a random occurrence which is not under the control of any of the participants. For example, if an individual purchases a lottery ticket, skill will have nothing to do with outcome. The participant either picks the winning number or they don’t. In other words, it is merely by chance that the participant either picks the winning number or they don’t.In addition, for the element of chance to be present, it makes a difference if the person placing a bet is a participant in the event. For example, if two men are playing a game of chess, and they both agree the looser of the match has to pay the winner $30 that is not considered gambling. If however, two onlookers place a bet of $30 on the outcome of the chess game; that is considered gambling because the outcome of the match is not under the control of either of the onlookers.In the case of DubLi, the element of chance does not rise to the level required to be considered gambling. In the case of the DubLi Express Auction the resolution of the event is not dependent on some random occurrence. Rather the resolution is strictly dependent on the conduct of the participant. The price of a given item is decreased only by the actions of the participants. If for some reason no one clicks on Show Price, then the price never drops and there is no resolution to the auction.The “Unique Bid” Auction is very much in the same. A participant’s success in placing a winning “unique bid” has nothing to do with anything other than the efforts of the active participants in the auction. More than one participant may place an identical bid, but this is not caused by any random event.The element of chance, as defined in American gambling law, is minimal if not nonexistent. Although the outcome of a given reverse auction is not under the control of any one participant, the combined actions of all of the participants is the only input that can affect the final result. Therefore by definition, there is no random dispositive influence acting outside the control of the participants.3) – Prize:Again, in US Gambling Law, the definition of “prize” means essentially anything of value. Because the purpose of participation is to obtain valuable items such as iMacs or even brand new luxury cars at substantially reduced prices is the whole point of participating in Dubli’s reverse online auctions, the element of price is obviously present.In conclusion, because the element of chance, as defined in American gambling law, is not present in the Dubli auctions, these online auctions cannot be considered either games of chance or lotteries and therefore do not rise to the level of gambling.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tips – Why You Will Lose at the Final Table

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to lose at the final table, even if you do make it that far in a Hold ‘Em tournament. I’m going to give a few Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tips on how to succeed at the final table. Final table play is different to ‘normal’ play in some ways. The dynamics of the tournament change, essentially because its coming to an end. You no longer have to think about moving onto the next table, your there, that is it.The Reason Why You Will Lose At The Final TableGenerally speaking, if you get to the final table and you have the shortest stack you don’t have a good chance of winning. You’ll probably come in around eighth, unless you get really lucky and continually pull great cards. Don’t rely on that happening. Of course there is the exception to the rule where you’ll see a short stack player take the prize but really, overall, you have less of a chance of winning if you start at the final table with a small stack. Usually it’s the players who started with the biggest stacks that get to duke it out for the gold. This means if you want to have the best chance of winning the tournament you need to be in a good position before you get to the final table.Final Table Texas Hold ‘Em Poker TipsYou win at the final table with all the moves you make before you get there. Accumulating chips is vital if you want to actually win the Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. You need to get to the final table in good enough position to really be able to have a real chance at winning. For this reason it is imperative that when you get to the money tables you do not slack off your game. If anything you need to get even more serious. That is the time to attack, when you should be getting aggressive and ripping into everyone’s blinds and antes. When everyone else calms down and tightens up because they are preying they’ll get some money you should be getting excited and tearing it up.Don’t Wait For Aces And KingsDon’t sit back and wait for aces and kings to fall into your hand. This Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tips all about attacking, chopping out pots and stealing blinds, with whatever you can make work. Often you’ll find you’ll be playing some weak hand but you’ll flop a big duke (the winning hand) and win a big pot. There is something to be said for the element of surprise. Even though you are raising with nothing sometimes you might find you end up making decent hand and winning the pot ‘fair and square.’

Testing Video Games For Cash

Playing video games for a living is a dream come true for some. Playing video games for a living and getting paid for it, is not just a dream, but a reality. Imagine testing video games for cash. Take two minutes to just sit aside and think about it. If you play video games now, just for fun, why not get paid for it?Video game testing is a very large, and growing, industry and should NOT be passed up by anyone. Many things are included when becoming a video game tester. Not only do you get to test video games, but you get to do things other people would never be able, or allowed, to do. Wanna know what exactly I am talking about? Well listen up. When joining the industry you get to take part in some video game beta testing. Don’t understand me? Well, that means the game is done, but it still needs to tweak out some things. So companies will pay you to do that. Do you know anyone who can play a video game before it is released into the world……..I didn’t think so. That is an advantage of testing video games.Another advantage is getting free copies of games before anyone does. Have you blown away all your money trying to buy the newest and coolest games on the market? Well, like I said, it’s not necessary. You can just get them, FREE. That’s the amazing part. You can also take advantage of learning a load of cheat codes and “bugs” before the game is released. I wouldn’t pass up on an opportunity like this if I were you. Does this all sound to good to be true? Well it isn’t. Many people have been completely satisfied with this kind of job. Do your parents want you to get a real job? If so, call them over to the computer right now and make them read this article. Hopefully they will start agreeing that the video game industry isn’t just for goofing off and being lazy, it’s for young teens (or even adults) to make a living that will be fun and enjoyable to them. Earning money while working at a hard job is the thing of the past. Making money from home is the way to go.Think about making almost $200 dollars a day. I know that number is very big, but it is possible. Anything is possible. You can test computer games, or even console games. Don’t like the Xbox 360? Well choose the PC. Don’t like the PC? Well choose the PS3. Not fond of the PS3? Go with the Wii. It’s all up to you.Testing video games has been around for a while now and, with the industry skyrocketing in growth, it is the way of the future. With over $50 billion dollars in sales last year alone (2007), don’t expect those numbers to drop. It will only continue on growing and growing and give Video Game Testers more work to do. But making that kind of money, who can complain? Don’t hesitate on becoming a video game tester. You will NOT regret it. I PROMISE!